How to set a course in Starfield

Rather than building one giant world like The Elder Scrolls did, Bethesda chose to create hundreds of planets to travel between aptly named planets. starry sky. While not every planet needs to be visited, you’ll be jumping between them very frequently to complete missions, perform side missions, build outposts, and general exploration. When you’re first thrust into the pilot’s seat, you may find it difficult to grasp how the system works. If you just want to get from point A to point B, setting a route is the easiest way.Here’s how to get where you need to go without searching a giant star map starry sky.

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How to set up a course

Setting a route is basically a larger version of fast travel compared to what you can do once you actually arrive at a planet. If your next destination is in a different solar system, this is how to get exactly where you need to go.

Step 1: Open your mission log and select the active mission you want to go to.

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Step 2: Press Set route button

A ship is planning a course to a planet called Crete.
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Step 3: This will immediately pull you to a map showing the planet your target is on.

Step 4: Just confirm your travel options and jump to your desired location!

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