How to set up Privacy Zones on Blink cameras

While most Blink cameras offer activity zones, only a few cameras support privacy zones. The shortlist includes Outdoor 4, wired floodlights and video doorbells. Unlike active zones, which do not trigger motion alerts but are still recorded, privacy zones are gray areas that are not recorded at all.

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This is a useful feature, especially if you live near neighbors and want to respect their privacy.

Interested in testing this feature? Here’s how to set privacy zones on your Blink camera.


How to Set Privacy Zones on Blink Cameras

Keep in mind that not all Blink cameras allow you to set privacy zones. If this is the case, consider using active zones – they’re not exactly the same, but at least they will help prevent unwanted alerts. To set up privacy zones (and check if your camera supports them), follow the steps below.

Step 1: Load the Blink app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Enter set up The menu of the camera you want to modify.


Step 3: Navigate to exercise settings menu, then choose sports area.

Step 4: If your device supports privacy zones, you will see another menu called privacy zone. Select this option to start the setup process.

Step 5: You should now see an image that represents what the camera is currently recording.

Step 6: Tap on this screen and draw a large square over the part of the image that you don’t want to record. You can tell which part will not be recorded because it will be blocked on the screen by a large gray rectangle.

Step 7: Up to two privacy zones can be created.

Step 8: If you messed up, choose reset privacy zone button to delete any privacy zones you have created.

Step 9: The privacy area can be moved and resized by clicking on the corner of the privacy area.

Step 10: Once you are satisfied with the layout, select complete > save.

Step 11: That’s it! Your privacy zone is now installed. Any movement within this area will not be recorded.

Step 12: If you decide you don’t like the privacy area and want to remove it, you can go back to set up menu and select reset privacy zone.

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