How to take a screenshot using a Microsoft Surface

Whether you want to capture friends and relatives making funny faces on Skype, or you need accessible photos of online resources or programs, screenshots can benefit users in many ways. With a simple press of your keyboard’s Print Screen key, you can basically capture anything that happens on your desktop at any time.


  • Method 1: Using Buttons and Keys
  • Surface Pro 4 and newer
  • Surface Duo
  • Method 2: Use a Type Cover or Touch Cover
  • Method 3: Snipping Tool
  • Method 4: Use Surface Pen
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But what if you want to take a screenshot on your tablet? Most ways of doing this are through button combinations or tools to capture images. For Microsoft Surface users, there are several different ways to capture screenshots of the tablet’s display.

Whether you’re using the touchscreen or physical keyboard, using the tablet alone, or relying on the Surface Pen, our informative guide will help you take screenshots on Surface in no time.

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Method 1: Using Buttons and Keys

From the original Surface to the Surface 3, Microsoft decided not to include a print screen key on its official Touch or Type Cover accessories. This makes taking a screenshot not as simple as taking a screenshot on a computer. Instead of using the assigned key, the owner needs to execute the button combination to execute the command.

To take a screenshot, follow these steps:

Step 1: Press and hold the *Windows* icon button on the tablet screen.

Step 2: While pressing the Windows button, press lower the volume The rocker (minus) is on the side, as shown above.

At this point, the screen should go dark, then brighten again, just like taking a snapshot with a camera. Once you’ve captured your screenshot, use the steps below to find it.


Step 3: Select folder An icon located on the taskbar that opens File Explorer.

Step Four: Select picturelisted on the left, or select a drive Instead, if it’s configured to store screenshots in the cloud.

Step 5: Double click screenshot folder to access images.

Note that compatible third-party type covers may include print screen key. This allows users to capture screenshots with just one click. Otherwise, just use the two button instructions provided above.

Surface Pro 4 and newer

Since these devices do not have a Windows button, the process is slightly different. That’s it:

Step 1: Press and hold strength button.

Step 2: Press Increase the volume button.

The screen flickers again and the screenshot is saved to the same location.

Surface Duo

Microsoft offers two ways to take screenshots on its Surface-branded phones.

Step 1: Press and hold strength button.

Step 2: Select screenshot.

or, press and hold strength and volume down button at the same time.Capture will go to the album > screenshot Folders in the Photos app.

How to take screenshots on Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Type Cover 768x512
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Method 2: Use a Type Cover or Touch Cover

Although the Type Cover and Touch Cover prior to the Surface Pro 4 were not equipped with print screen Crucially, they do have the ability to capture screenshots using keyboard shortcuts. Type the following (without spaces) on all keyboards print screen key: Fn + Windows + Spacebar.

The screen will dim and then brighten again to indicate a successful screenshot.

Surface Pro 7 Type Cover, with two keys highlighted.
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Surface Pro 4 and newer

The tablet itself doesn’t have a Windows button, but the Type Cover does include a print screen feature. It’s on the F8 key, which means the function keys need to be disabled first. Press it, and the tiny LED turns off, indicating that the function key is disabled.

  • PrtScrn: Save to clipboard only, unless OneDrive stores the screenshot in the cloud.
  • Windows + PrtScrn: Save to local screenshot folder.

Method 3: Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool lets you take screenshots of your entire display or part of it.

Step 1: Type “snip” into the search field on the taskbar, then left-click the icon to open the application, or right-click the icon to pin it to the Start menu or taskbar.

When the Snipping Tool opens, it offers some options: new, model, Delay, Cancelor options.

Open Windows 10 Snipping Tool.

Windows 10 Snipping Tool options.

Step 2: Choose one of four modes:

  • Freeform Clipping: Capture custom areas with your mouse, finger, or pen.
  • Rectangular Clipping: Captures an exact, manually selected rectangular area.
  • Window Screenshot: Capture a specific window, such as a browser.
  • Full Screen Capture: Capture the entire screen.

Step 3: Select newand respond accordingly.

For example, with a rectangular screenshot, the cursor turns into a set of crosshairs, which can then be used to create capture fields containing specific parts of the display. Simply drag the resulting cursor over the target area and release it to capture a screenshot.

Step 4: Save the screenshot anywhere as a JPEG, PNG or GIF file. Use the Surface Pen (if available) to annotate clips.

How to Take Screenshots on Microsoft Surface Windows Pen Settings 768x512
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Method 4: Use Surface Pen

Surface Pen features an active digitizer inside the display for crisp precision and detailed pen input. The tool also provides customizable buttons that enable you to perform tasks such as erasing, writing, opening applications, and more. One of the best and most convenient features of the Surface Pen is saving screenshots to OneNote in the app or on the desktop.

We’ll show you how to configure the Surface Pen button in a few steps below. It’s a simple process:

Step 1: Go to activity Center and select all settings option.

Step 2: From set up application, choose equipment from the list.

Step 3: Find Pens and Windows Ink and select it.

Step 4: Scroll all the way down until you see pen shortcut for personalization click once, double clickand press and hold Operation. It’s worth noting that the options available depend largely on the type of Surface Pen model you have available.

For example, the Surface Pen included with the 2017 Surface Pro has an eraser button that can take a screenshot and send it to OneNote when operating under the double-tap setting. Or, if you prefer to take a full-screen capture, you can use the pen to indicate a specific area to capture. Screenshots will appear in default OneNote notebooks and sections.

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