How to Take Photographs of Cars 2023 Full Guides

Take Car Pictures – If you are proud of your car, eventually you will want to take some memorable and shareable pictures. Of course, you can take it to a cool place, take some pictures with your phone and that’s it. However, you can produce images that you’ll be as proud of as you are of the car itself if you put a little more thought and effort into it.

Are you ready to take awesome car pictures? You may want to give your car some attention or display it in a vintage collector’s magazine. You may also want to consider selling it. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about car photography, regardless of the reason. Taking car pictures can be so much fun and rewarding, and there are so many different techniques and techniques you can use to create amazing shots! Depending on your camera and shooting style, you can get really amazing shots that will make your car enthusiast friends jealous. So don’t hesitate: try it!

How to take car pictures

One thing hasn’t changed: they make great photo subjects. Car photography can involve a variety of different types of photography, such as trying to convey some of the meaning behind the vehicle for an art project, or showcasing its sleek, streamlined shape for commercial purposes. So if you think you’ve tried all kinds of photography and are looking for something new, you should look into car photography.

There are several different ways to take car pictures. One way is to use long exposure. Long exposures will allow the colors in the car to become more vibrant and clear. Another way is to use a high power macro lens. This type of lens allows you to get up close to the car and capture its intricate details in great detail. A third way is to use a fast shutter speed or a tripod. This will help stabilize the camera and reduce the chance of motion blur in images.

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How to take pictures of cars 2023

How to take pictures of car details

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How to Take Car Pictures Complete Guides

Taking car photos can be a challenging task, but there are many different techniques and methods that can help you take better and more professional car photos. An important factor to consider is the lighting conditions. Different types of light have different effects on the colors, textures, and details of the car. Using natural or artificial light can help you get the right lighting for your photos. Another important factor to consider when taking car photos is the angle and position from which you are shooting. Different angles can create different visual effects, such as emphasizing particular features or highlighting the overall shape of the car.

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turn on the headlights

While this may seem like the simplest tip available, it’s amazing how often we see a car set against a stunning landscape when the photographer forgot to turn on the lights. Since the most important parts of a vehicle’s personality are its headlights and taillights, taking a picture without them is like taking a picture of a beautiful model without her face.

Headlights give the viewer something to focus on, even when shooting in bright sun.

Take, for example, the images above. The photo still shows the shape of the car and has excellent lighting and framing even with the taillights off. However, with the headlights on, the taillight matches the color of the stunning sunset in the background, adding a whole new dimension to the image.

A simple point can make the difference.

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Know the best vehicle angles

The stance and body lines of a vehicle are the next most important aspect of its personality. Walk around the vehicle on location and feel comfortable framing it from all angles to get the best shots.

It is also useful to see how the sun hits the car from all angles. Depending on the color of the car, these photos can be striking and really show the lines of the body.

To get you started, here are some of the most common perspectives for photographing the exterior of a car: the rear and rear three-quarters, as well as the front and front three-quarters.

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As mentioned in the previous section, a vehicle’s headlights and taillights are among the most important elements in a photograph. Headlight and taillight close-up photos are great, and you’ll focus on the front and rear thirds to show the lines and length of the vehicle’s body.

The more you learn about the best angles for the car, the better your photos will be.

While the vehicle is moving, you can get sharper images by using a tripod. When shopping for your first tripod, there are a few things to keep in mind.

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Choose a beautiful background and foreground

When photographing the car, pay close attention to where it is; The foreground and background have a significant impact, just like in portrait and product photography. This doesn’t require you to be in a region with vast scenic landscapes or mountains, although they will make for some very interesting photos; just choose your locations carefully when taking pictures.

The McLaren 765LT, for example, is pictured above with red flowers in the foreground. Instead of shooting the car from the front, this made for a much more interesting photo, and the red flowers paired well with the orange paint.

This is possible even without flowers. The red Mazda 3 was captured with an 85mm lens because it was not in a particularly scenic area of ​​the city; The background was effectively blurred by the compression, and the photo still retained some color and texture. With the autumn leaves in the foreground and the dark brown house in the background, the image had more rustic tones than warm.

To achieve stunning results, choose your background and foreground carefully.

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Experiment with a unique composition

It’s time to move to locations that give your photo a unique perspective after you’ve learned the best angles for the vehicle.

A beautiful reflection in a puddle or the low stance of a sports car can be captured by shooting from a lower angle. A higher angle allows more of the background to show through and can be used for car lifestyle shots; This could be used, for example, when photographing an off-road vehicle driving over hills and dirt.

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Set your camera at vehicle height, even if you’re not trying to get specific shots like the ones above. Attach your camera to a tripod and set it up so that it is about the same height as the car’s side mirror. When listing cars for sale, dealerships often use this angle for more modern and professional photos.

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Get the right lighting

Product, portraiture, and of course automotive photography are highly dependent on lighting. When you decide to photograph, most of the time you will have the best natural light in your favor: the moon; However, there are some drawbacks to enjoying the sun. There will be a lot of reflection on the hood of cars with glossy paint, often resulting in a dull image.

If you use a polarizing or UV filter on your lens, reflections will be significantly reduced, making editing much easier.

One of the best ways to illuminate your subject and bring out the lines of the vehicle’s body is to take advantage of the sun. Strobe lights and even smaller portable lights can help you better illuminate the vehicle with more freedom if you want to be more deliberate with this. Play with light in ways that shift the shadows or bring out the color of the paint.

Here are some of our top tips for using strobes in and out of the studio if you’re new to using artificial lighting on your subjects.

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Enhance your car photography

Auto photography is actually a combination of landscape, product, and portrait photography, which is great because it teaches you how to improve in each of those genres.

It teaches you how to position and light your subject, lets you experiment with foreground and background colors, and your car is a model you can always use to take great photos. Master your craft and continue shooting in a variety of settings.

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