How to Use Proton Sentinel to Keep Your Accounts Safe

If you want the highest level of protection, this is it.

There is an ongoing battle between software developers trying to secure their applications and platforms and hackers and malware writers eager to breach these digital defenses. In an effort to provide a more secure and private suite of web applications, security-focused service provider Proton has launched a new feature called Proton Sentinel.

If you’re new to Proton, the Swiss-based company offers email, VPN, cloud storage, and a variety of other digital services with a clear emphasis on security and privacy. It’s a bit like Google without the tracking or ads, and the newly launched Proton Sentinel is a “high-security program” designed to keep users and their data safe.

It’s worth highlighting that Proton accounts are already equipped with a range of security features and protections to deter bad actors. There’s end-to-end, zero-access encryption of user data, there’s two-factor authentication to help you prove who you are when logging in, there’s a custom spam filtering system, there’s real-time login notifications, and more.

However, Sentinel goes further. Proton describes this additional feature as offering more protection than most people need, targeting “users who need security the most”: Journalists, government officials, religious leaders and leaders of international peace organizations were mentioned as those in particular need of protection. . Risk of hacking attempts.

You can enable Sentinel from within your Proton account.

Proton (David Nield)

“Such accounts are likely to be compromised by criminals or state-sponsored hackers,” wrote Proton’s Dingchao Lu. “We are now ready to offer the same level of premium protection and support that we have reserved for these VIPs through the Proton Sentinel program to any Proton user who wishes to acquire it through the Proton Sentinel program.”

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You don’t have to fall into one of these categories to use Proton Sentinel, but you do have to be a Proton paying subscriber: Visionary Plan, Lifetime Plan, Family Plan, Unlimited Plan or Business Plan are required and you can view details of all plans here .

A lot of what Proton Sentinel does happens behind the scenes, and you’ll find that Proton itself doesn’t go into detail about its capabilities – which is wise if you want to minimize the chances of others getting that information around.

The advanced security it offers includes rigorous challenges against “suspicious” login attempts, often from devices you don’t normally use and from parts of the world where you’re not normally located. You may find yourself asked to confirm more information before logging into the Proton service with Sentinel enabled, but it’s worth it for the added peace of mind.

Suspicious logins are flagged by automated systems and escalated to human security analysts around the clock, Proton said. Any support requests you make related to account security will also be escalated to trained security experts, meaning that if there are security concerns, they will be dealt with more quickly.

Related to this stricter login policy, Proton Sentinel also gives you access to detailed security logs within your account, listing login attempts using your credentials, as well as other key actions you need to be aware of (such as password changes).

Proton Sentinel provides more detailed security logs.

Proton (David Nield)

If you use Proton Sentinel and everything it has to offer, log into your Proton account on the web. Click the Settings cog, then go to Settings, then Security & Privacy: There should be an Enable Proton Sentinel toggle at the top of the screen that you can turn on. That’s all: you are now protected.

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Further down the same screen is the Security Logs panel: Turn on both “Enable Authentication Logs” and “Enable Advanced Logs” to get all the information you can about when and where your account is used. All successful and unsuccessful login attempts from the first day you opened your Proton account will be listed here, with security measures taken at the time of the login attempt logged next to it.

If you see something you don’t recognize, you can click the Undo button next to an existing session: the device in question will be logged out remotely and you’ll need to log in again to use Proton’s apps on that device. It’s best to err on the side of caution here and log out of any sessions you don’t immediately recognize. You should also contact Proton support if you do notice anything suspicious.

Proton Sentinel is simple to set up, requires minimal effort to maintain, and protects your Proton account as much as possible – so enabling the feature makes perfect sense. Like the Enhanced Security Mode offered by Google as part of the Chrome feature set, Sentinel goes above and beyond the norm to ensure your account is protected from unauthorized access.

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