How to use Quick Note on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS

Quick Note is a handy, built-in feature available on Apple’s operating systems.

If you have recently joined the Apple ecosystem, then Quick Note is one of the important things you need to learn. These useful offers are available on all devices running macOS Sonoma, iPadOS 17, or iOS 17, as well as on other recent OS versions. Hopefully, it also syncs across all of your iCloud devices, allowing you to view and edit notes from your Mac, iPad, or new iPhone.

Quick Information concise and consistent

This lets you access the Notes app in a small, floating window on your Mac and iPad, regardless of which app you’re using. Apple explains it like this:

Notes is your go-to app for capturing any idea — and with the new Quick Note feature, you can jot down ideas no matter where you are or what you’re doing on your Mac. It’s like typing a note directly on any program you’re working on. Add links, Safari highlights, tags, and Quick Note references, so you can get to important names, numbers, and ideas easily.

This requires macOS Monterey and iPadOS 15 or later, while iOS 15 users can access and edit Quick Notifications created on a Mac or iPad. Can’t bring up a floating window when using other apps. If you are on iOS 16, then you can start Quick Notification in any app on your iPhone via Share Sheet.

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How to use Quick Note on macOS

To open and use this feature on your Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Bring up the Quick Note window via Hot Corner or the More menu on the Safari tab.
  2. To set up Hot Corner, go to System Settings > Desktop & Dock > Hot Corners.
  3. Select the angle you want to assign this to.
  4. Once you start the floating window using your favorite method, you can write down any ideas you have and save them.

    The feature works on all macOS, not just Safari.

  5. You can access and edit your notes from the Notes app on your Mac.

You can add links from apps to add text to Quick Note. When you return to the same place in the program, assuming the program supports it, an icon of the note will appear in the corner as a reminder. The process is the same for devices with iPadOS 15 and iOS 16.

How to use Quick Note on iPadOS

To create a Quick Note on your iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you’re using iPadOS 15 or a newer version of the OS.
  2. Install the desired program, such as Safari.
  3. Go to the section of the app or website you selected.
  4. Click the share button, and select Add to Quick Note.
  5. Alternatively, try diagonally from the bottom right using your Apple Pencil.
  6. Type everything you want to add to the text, then click the Done button to save it to your Notes app.

How to use Quick Note on iOS

To access and edit Quick Note on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are running at least iOS 15.
  2. Turn on iCloud Backup on your Mac and iPhone in the Settings app if it isn’t already turned on.
  3. Launch the Notes app on your iPhone.
  4. If you’ve already created one on your Mac or iPad, the Quick Notes folder should appear in the Notes app. Log in.
  5. Click on the record you want to edit or view.
  6. Once you update, the updates will sync with your other Apple devices. 2 Pictures quick note editing on iPhone Close it
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As our guide reveals, using Quick Note is easy once you get the hang of it. It’s a handy feature that will save you from having to manually copy and paste links or images into notes to get a feel for it. Just create a Quick Note regardless of the app you’re using, add your ideas, and save. This way, your thoughts stay connected, and important links or media remain clickable.

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