How to use Stage Manager on macOS

Streamline many of your activities with this cool feature.

Stage Manager is a utility available on newer Macs running macOS Sonoma or Ventura. This allows you to integrate the programs of your choice and quickly switch between these different groups through a dedicated interface. So those who rely on multiple programs to study or work will appreciate how to turn multiple windows into one. To open and use the Stage Manager feature on a compatible Mac, follow the detailed instructions below.

How to enable Stage Manager on Mac

  1. Make sure you are running macOS Ventura or a newer version of the OS on your Mac.
  2. Open the Control Center by clicking its icon on the right side of the menu.
  3. Check if Stage Manager is enabled. If not, click on the change.

How to customize Stage Manager on macOS

  1. Launch the System Settings app on your Mac.
  2. Go to Desktop & Dock.
  3. You can choose whether the latest programs appear in the Stage Manager, and how the program windows appear when you use the interface.
  4. Once you’ve changed the settings to your liking, you can exit the System settings.

How to use Stage Manager

  1. Start the programs you want to use.
  2. Move the cursor to the left side of the window. You will find the programs you have started. Drag the app you want to use and the existing one from the left to the middle.
  3. The programs are now grouped together, and this is represented by looking at the Stage Manager view on the left.
  4. Now you can switch between different windows to quickly jump from one task to another.
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It is worth mentioning that Stage Manager is also available on the new iPads powered by the M-series chip and iPadOS 16. This addition really brings the iPad a step closer to the Mac. Although, personally, I don’t use Stage Manager at all. That’s because my navigation usually runs in a single Safari window. I just jump between Safari tabs or have two open side by side. Mission Control is enough for me to see all open windows and deal with them accordingly.

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