How to View Clipboard History on Mac

Copy and paste are so ingrained in our everyday computer interactions that using the Command+C, Command+V keyboard shortcuts is just muscle memory at this point and we don’t usually give much thought to how it works. However, if you’re wondering how to view macOS clipboard history, it’s actually pretty easy (even if it’s not the case when using it). Here’s how to view clipboard history on Mac and make it more powerful and useful.

View macOS clipboard history in Finder

When you copy something on your Mac – text, images, files, URLs, etc. – it goes to the “clipboard.” This allows you to see what you recently copied to your Mac.

  • Go to Finder and click Edit in the menu bar.
  • Click “Show Clipboard”

Show Clipboard option in Finder

This will open a window showing you the contents of your macOS clipboard.

Get clipboard history with multiple items on Mac

Admittedly, Mac’s native clipboard history isn’t the most versatile tool you can have. Only the most recently copied object is displayed. So if you want to copy multiple things at once and then paste them all together, that’s just not possible.

However, if you are looking for a clipboard history feature in macOS, you can get it through third-party apps.

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Personally, I would recommend you try Maccy (free). You don’t have to pay anything for the app, but you can choose to pay to support the developer. I would highly recommend you pay as much as possible as it is a simple, no-frills clipboard manager for Mac.

How to view clipboard history on Mac

You can also check out Paste ($14.99/year), one of the top-rated clipboard apps for Mac, but I didn’t like it due to the subscription model.

Aside from these apps, you can also check out our list of Mac clipboard managers for more options to choose from.

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