Lenovo Slim 7i (2023) vs Yoga 7i (2023): A 2-in-1 or a traditional laptop?

We compare one of Lenovo’s slimmest laptops to one of its most affordable 2-in-1s and help you decide which is worth it for you

Looking for a new Lenovo laptop for work or school or anything else? Lenovo makes some of the best laptops, so there’s a chance you might be considering either the Lenovo Slim 7i or the Yoga 7i. The Slim 7i is a traditional Windows laptop, and while it’s not quite as popular as the Yoga line, it does have some good features like a 120Hz display, and Intel P-series CPUs under the hood. On the other side of things, the Yoga 7i is one of Lenovo’s most infamous 2-in-1s with a sleek design, and lots of versatility. So, if you’re torn between the two, we’re here with a helpful comparison to see which is better for you.



Lenovo Slim 7i (2023) vs Yoga 7i (2023): Price, specs, and availability

You can buy either of these laptops right now. The Lenovo Slim 7i is widely available at Lenovo, B&H, and Best Buy, and pricing starts at $1,180, though we’ve seen it higher at other retailers. That is base model pricing for a model with an Intel Core i5-1340P CPU, a 512GB SSD, and the standard 14-inch 2.2K resolution display and 16GB RAM. As for the Yoga 7i, there are actually two models you can buy. You can pick up either a 14-inch model or a 16-inch model. The 14-inch model is the focus of this comparison since it’s most similar to the Slim 7i. The 14-inch Yoga 7i starts at $850 and can be found at Lenovo and Best Buy or B&H. This is for a model with the Intel Core i5-1335U CPU, a 14-inch 2.2K resolution display, 8GB RAM, and a 512GB SSD.

Lenovo Slim 7i (2023) vs Yoga 7i (2023): Design

As we mentioned to start, the Slim 7i is a traditional clamshell laptop, so you can’t turn the screen around. On the other hand, the Yoga 7i is a Windows convertible, which means you can use it in many different ways. If you’re looking for a more versatile device, the Yoga 7i will be for you since it can be used in tent, stand, tablet, and laptop modes, turning the screen around in multiple variations accordingly. Touch is also standard on the Yoga 7i, but on the Slim 7i, you’ll have to pay to upgrade to a touch screen.

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The Slim 7i is more portable and the Yoga 7i is more versatile

Other than that base difference, let’s get into the dimensions and looks of the laptop here. The Slim 7i is your typical wedge-shaped laptop, but it’s ultraportable. It doesn’t have rounded corners or anything fancy like the brushed edges on the Yoga 7i. It measures about 0.59 inches in thickness, and it weighs 2.88 pounds. The Yoga 7i isn’t quite as compact, coming in at a 0.69-inch thickness, and a 3.41-pound weight. If you need a laptop for use on the go, you’ll want to pick the Slim 7i. The dimension difference isn’t much against the Yoga 7i, but it is something you’d want to keep in mind.

As far as ports and connectivity go, both devices are well-connected. On the Slim 7i, you get a lot of ports. You get two USB-C Thunderbolt ports, a USB-A port, an HDMI port, and a headphone jack. The Yoga 7i, meanwhile has two USB-C Thunderbolt ports, HDMI, a microSD card reader, a headphone jack, and a USB-A port. If you need a laptop that offers space for extra storage, the Yoga 7i might be better for you since it has a microSD card slot.

Lenovo Slim 7i (2023) vs Yoga 7i (2023): Display

The Lenovo Slim 7i comes with three display options, but the 14-inch Yoga 7i only has one option available. Both panels are 14 inches and sport the tall 16:10 aspect ratio for stacking things side by side, but if you want a device with a better display for everyday work or school tasks, you’ll certainly want to consider the Slim 7i.

The Slim 7i has a 14-inch panel in either 2240×1400 resolution with 300 nits of brightness, 2880×1800 resolution with 400 nits of brightness and a 120Hz refresh rate, or 2880×1800 resolution with a 400 nit brightness and 120Hz refresh rate. Note the high refresh rate here, this 120Hz rate is smoother than the 60Hz you typically see on other laptops. It helps scrolling and navigating Windows and webpages feel buttery smooth and fast.

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On the other hand, the Yoga 7i just comes with one display option, and it’s a 2240×1400 resolution. The 16-inch model, meanwhile, has a lower 1920×1200 resolution, and comes with a 2560×1600 resolution option as an upgrade, still lower than what you’d get on the Slim 7i. The only advantage it offers over the Slim 7i is the fact that touch is standard, and you can use the Lenovo Active Pen with the screen, for drawing and taking notes.

If you want a device with a better display for everyday work or school tasks, you’ll certainly want to consider the Slim 7i

Both devices have 1080p webcams at the top. We consider 1080p the standard for a webcam in 2023, so there are no complaints here. On either laptop, you’ll look great on your calls. Both laptops also feature privacy shutters, and Windows Hello, for added security.

Lenovo Slim 7i (2023) vs Yoga 7i (2023): Performance

Under the hood of the Slim 7i and the Yoga 7i are very different CPUs. Both might be sporting 13th-generation parts, but when you account for the CPU wattages, the Slim 7i ends up being a better-performing machine.

The Slim 7i sports Intel’s 13th-generation P-series CPUs. You can choose either the Intel Core i7-1360P or the Intel Core i5-1340P. The Core i7 part has 12 cores and runs at 5GHz, and the Core i5 part has 12 cores and tuns at 4.6GHz. These CPUs are hybrid with a mix of performance and efficiency cores. More importantly, the P-series CPUs run at 28W, so that’s more physical power for heavy multitasking and gaming. All models come with up to 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM, and storage maxes out at 1TB.

When you account for the CPU wattages, the Slim 7i ends up being a better-performing machine

The Yoga 7i, meanwhile, also has 13th-generation CPUs, but from the lower-wattage U-series. The 14-inch model sports either the Core i7-1335U or the Core i5-1335U. The Core i5 part has 10 cores and runs at 4.6GHz, and the Core i7 part also has 10 cores and runs at up to 5GHz. RAM, meanwhile maxes out at 16GB and storage at up to 1TB.

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Note that unlike the Slim 7i, these CPUs run at 15W, which isn’t quite as ideal for tasks that need a lot of power. For web browsing, and light office work, you should be fine, but once you step beyond that, you’ll notice slowdowns. If you want added performance, consider that 16-inch model which comes with the option for the Core i5-1340P, or the Core i7-1360P. But hands-down the Slim 7i should have better performance, but slightly bad battery life since it features a CPU that runs at a higher wattage.

The Slim 7i is better for you

We understand that it might be hard to choose which device is right for your needs, but the Slim 7i is the better choice here. Unless having a touch screen is important to you, the Slim 7i will be a better buy since it has a better screen with more screen resolution options for better multitasking. Other than that, it also is more portable. And, the CPU you’ll find inside is much faster and has a higher wattage.

Lenovo Slim 7i (2023) Recommended laptop$730 $1180 Save $450

The Lenovo Slim 7i is a thin and lightweight laptop with capable specs and a great 14-inch display. And it brings some great improvements over its predecessor.

$730 at Lenovo $1310 at B&H

On the other side of things, if you’re a person who is looking for a more versatile device, you’ll want to consider the Yoga 7i. Since it’s a convertible, you can use it in different ways. You also can enjoy the sleek design, and support for a pen. Since it has 15W CPUs, and a standard 60Hz screen battery life should be good, too.

Lenovo Yoga 7i (2023) A versatile laptop$550 $850 Save $300

The 14-inch and 16-inch Lenovo Yoga 7i comes with new 13th-generation Intel CPUs. There are not many design differences over the previous generations, and it’s still a great 2-in-1. 

$550 at Lenovo (14-inch) $800 at Lenovo (16-inch) $800 at Best Buy (16 inches)

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