LG Gram Style (2023) vs Gram 16 (2023)

Check out the ultimate comparison between the LG Gram Style and the LG Gram 16: the battle of specs, features, and performance.


  • The LG Gram 16 is a winner in terms of price and performance, with good battery support, high storage space, and an optional dedicated GPU.
  • The LG Gram Style is a great choice for everyday use, with its stunning OLED display and high-quality display, making it perfect for watching movies and everyday tasks.
  • Both laptops offer impressive performance, but the LG Gram 16 is best known for its gaming performance thanks to the dedicated Nvidia RTX 3050 GPU.


With Dell, HP, and Apple dominating the laptop market, no one expected LG to emerge and survive. Ironically, LG did not survive the market, but continued on the path to innovation to create the best laptops we see today. LG Gram Style and LG Gram 16 are two of the best lightweight laptops out there and choosing between them is not easy, especially with the great price of both. In fact, the competition is tough because these two have great displays, good mechanical configuration, and unique features. Let’s start with a detailed comparison of the LG Gram Style vs Gram 16 to find out which laptop is best suited for your needs.

Prices and availability

The LG Gram Style and LG Gram 16 are available from LG’s official website, Amazon, and a few other sources. For the LG Gram Style, the two models offered are: 16GB/1TB SSD and 32GB/2TB SSD. The original price of the two was $1,799 and $1,999, respectively.

Currently, LG offers discounts on both models. 16GB now costs $1,399 while the 32GB variant costs $1,699. Both models have the same specs including 3K 3200×2000 resolution and 13th Gen Intel Core i7 processor.

As for the LG Gram 16, there are two variants including 16GB RAM and 32GB RAM support. The 16GB version offers higher performance while the 32GB version comes with a dedicated Nvidia RTX 3050 4GB GPU. Although both were launched at high prices, LG has reduced the prices of both models now. The 16GB model currently costs $1,699 while the 32GB model costs $1,999.

Performance and battery: The high-end GPU of the Gram 16 takes the lead

When you spend more than a thousand bucks on a laptop, the biggest expectation is without a doubt great performance. The LG Gram Style and Gram 16 give each other a competitive edge when it comes to performance.

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The LG Gram 16 and Gram Style are equipped with Intel’s 13th Gen i7 processor and are available in both 16GB and 32GB variants. Both machines have twelve cores with four performance cores and eight high performance cores.

In terms of storage, The LG Gram Style 16 comes with a 1TB SSD in all configurations, while the LG Gram 16 offers a 1TB SSD for the 16GB model and a larger 2TB SSD for the 32GB model.

The GPU is where the real difference is. The LG Gram Style features Intel Iris Xe Graphics on all models. This is an entry-level GPU and is great if you don’t plan on using heavy software or playing AAA titles at high resolutions. However, it is important to note that you cannot expect the best gaming performance from the Gram Style due to the serious problem of overheating, which makes it a big problem.

Speaking of gaming, things are better on the LG Gram 16’s side as it steps up the game by offering a single graphics card configuration. While the 16GB version comes with Intel Iris Xe Graphics, the 32GB version has a dedicated Nvidia RTX 3050 4GB GPU. This means you can play other games on this PC.

The performance of a laptop battery depends on how you use it and the quality of your laptop’s display. At the heart of it all, the LG Gram 16 has a solid 80Wh battery in the 16GB variant. For the 32GB variant, you will have a 90Wh Li-on battery to support the GPU’s high power consumption. The LG Gram Style comes with an 80Wh battery on all models. In terms of connectivity, both devices feature Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.1.

As claimed by LG, the LG Gram Style lasts for 11.5 hours of regular use or can support up to 12.5 hours of video playback. In contrast, the LG Gram 16 can last 13.5 hours of regular use or 20 hours of video playback on the 16GB Variant. For the 32GB version, the battery is bigger, and offers better juice with 14 hours of regular use (as LG claims) or 22.5 hours of video playback.

However, all these numbers are optimistic and you won’t see them in actual tests. We reviewed the LG Gram Style and got about 6 hours of juice on the power plan. Even video playback at 50% brightness and 50% volume resulted in 8 hours and 35 minutes of usage. Of course, you can expect somewhere between 6-7 hours on the LG Gram Style and more than 7 hours on the LG Gram 16. Don’t forget, your usage has a big impact on these points.

Design: straightforward and refined combat

The design of the LG Gram Style and Gram 16 is very different from the smart design. While the LG Gram model has a sleek design, the Gram 16 has a simple, functional design.

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Each laptop has two USB4 Type-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 support. You’ll also find a 3.5mm audio jack and an SD card reader. However, this is where the LG Gram 16 excels as it also includes one HDMI 2.0 port. In addition, it also packs two USB-A 3.2 ports compared to the ones offered in the LG Gram Style.

In terms of weight and dimensions, there is little difference between the two. The LG Gram Style weighs 1.23 kg (2.71 pounds) while the Gram 16 weighs 1.29 kg (2.84 pounds). In terms of weight and dimensions, both of them are among the best light laptops, but the difference is slightly in favor of the LG Gram 16, which offers a slightly larger display and maintains the same appearance.

In terms of dimensions, there are minor differences. The LG Gram Style comes in at 0.63 inches thick (when closed). On the other hand, the Gram 16 is slightly larger at 0.66 inches, about 0.03 inches larger than the Gram Style. On that note, Gram Style is a little better.

In terms of color, the LG Gram Style comes in White and Black while the LG Gram 16 is offered in Black and Gray. In short, all laptops show their best and unique features when it comes to design.

Display and audio: Gram Style’s OLED is better

Displays are like windows to our digital world and are one of the most important things to consider when buying a laptop. LG has focused on both displays but the LG Gram Style is still ahead.

LG Gram Style has OLED Display with 3200×2000 resolution but Gram 16 lags behind with IPS LCD and 2560×1600 resolution. Both systems offer excellent visuals, making every photo and video come to life with clarity and detail. However, the lower selection will help the battery drain.

One advantage of the Gram Style is its brightness, as it offers brightness in SDR at 400 nits and 500 nits in HDR mode. The Gram 16 isn’t bad either as it also promises up to 400 nits of brightness if you get the models with a discrete GPU, while the models with Intel Iris Xe graphics only go up to 350 nits.

In addition, the LG Gram Style also comes with more pixels per inch (PPI). While the LG Gram Style offers 236 PPI, the Gram 16 only hits 189 PPI. That’s an incredible 25% improvement in the LG Gram Style. So, if Netflix is ​​your thing, the LG Gram model will suit you very well. However, the LG Gram 16 with sharper graphics offers a display refresh rate of up to 144Hz, while the LG Gram Style is fixed at (120Hz). The standard Gram 16 with Intel Iris Xe has a 60Hz band.

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As for the webcam and speakers, both laptops have a FHD IR Webcam with dual microphones. LG Gram Style 16GB comes with two 3W stereo speakers. On the other hand, LG offers two 2W speakers in the 16GB model of the Gram 16. The 32GB version has two 3W stereo speakers that support HD Audio and Dolby Atmos.

Both laptops have 5.3 mm side bezels which minimizes the difference in display comparison. It’s worth noting that the Gram 16 has an opaque coating on its display but the LG Gram’s display does not. Instead, it comes with a “low-reflective” display. Well, this is not “good or bad”, but it depends on personal preference.

LG Gram Style vs Gram 16: Which should you buy?

The LG Gram 16 is the winner in this competition, although the competition is not slow. With improved battery support, higher storage space, better RAM, and a dedicated GPU, it beats the competition in terms of performance. It can be a good choice for someone who is looking for a gaming laptop and no frills. With additional features such as surround sound, and support for external devices, it is truly the right choice with few problems for users. Overall, this laptop series is distinguished by its high performance, quality, and advanced technology.

LG Gram 16 (2023)

High configuration machines with high power

$1300 $1700 Save $400

With a dedicated Nvidia RTX3050 4GB GPU and an impressive 5.5 TFLOPS, it’s very close to peak performance. If you want a gaming machine that doesn’t compromise, the LG Gram 16 is your undisputed choice.

$1400 at Best Buy $1379 at Amazon $1300 at LG

On the other hand, the LG Gram Style is no better. High performance is one of the most important factors that most users consider when buying a laptop. If your main activity is watching videos, or using it daily, there is no need to buy a high-end gaming laptop. As a result, LG Gram Style can be your perfect friend. And above all, it has a unique look, especially in white.

LG Gram Style

The best companion for everyday use

$1397 $1500 Save $103

The LG Gram Style is like a superstar in the laptop world. Its OLED display, with vivid colors and an impressive 3200×2000 resolution, transforms every task into an immersive one. From professional work to leisure, it’s built to meet all your needs, wrapping high-performance mechanics in a sleek and highly durable package.

$1397 at Amazon (14-inch, 16GB) $1397 at Amazon (16-inch, 16GB) $1400 at Best Buy (14-inch) $1471 at Best Buy (16-inch)

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