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LIC Premium Receipt Download – It is essential to keep hard copies of important documents on your mobile device or laptop to avoid problems in case you lose the hard copies. Also, since everything is online now, it’s helpful to know how to download important documents, like insurance policy receipts. We will talk about how to download the LIC premium payment receipt online in this post. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the LIC online payment procedure below.

Download the LIC premium receipt

You must make the payment monthly, annually, or even quarterly when you purchase or invest in any of the LIC policies. The policyholder makes these payments, called premiums, to save money for the future. The premium will be returned to the policyholder along with the guaranteed benefits that are included in that policy after the end of the policy term.

Online receipts are available for customers who will be paying premiums for LIC plans. Making the premium and downloading the premium receipt can be done in several ways. Today, with the help of this article, we will demonstrate the necessary steps to download the LIC premium policy receipt.

Download the LIC premium receipt

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Online LIC premium payment receipt

In case you’re curious, let us explain what an LIC premium receipt is. For the coverage offered by the company, the insured of LIC plans must pay a predetermined amount to the insurer as “Premium” on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. A premium receipt is a document that the insurer gives to the insured in exchange for the insured paying the LIC premium to take advantage of the LIC plan benefits.

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Online payments are very convenient, so policyholders pay their premiums online. It is easy to download extracts from the plan and other documents by visiting the official website of the company with online payment. Through the company’s website, LIC Plan policyholders can easily download receipts and consolidated statements of premiums paid. Policyholders must first register with LIC online services before they can download the premium payment receipt and other documents online.

Since the launch of LIC’s online services, customers can now take advantage of a variety of LIC features from the comfort of their own homes. Let’s take a look at the following LIC online payment features:

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What happens if your LIC premium receipt is lost?

People often misplace or lose receipts for their premium payments. At other times, you may not receive an insurance receipt at your email address. However, to qualify for tax benefits, it is essential to have a copy of the receipt, especially towards the end of a tax year. As a result, it is important to know how to download LIC premium receipts online.

LIC clients can conveniently pay premiums online. After making a premium payment on the company’s website, customers can easily receive their consolidated premium paid statement by visiting the company’s official website.

Premium payment receipts for LIC plans can be accessed online. A consolidated premium paid statement for each policy a customer has purchased can also be accessed through the company’s website. To download the LIC receipt for online payment or consolidated statements, you must first register with LIC electronic services.

  • First of all, visit the LIC website ( and hit “LIC Electronic Services” on the option that says “Online Services”.
  • Select “Registered User” if you are a registered user.
  • You will be taken to the login screen, where you will be asked to enter your username, password, and date of birth.
  • In addition to this, you also have to choose whether you are a specialist or a client.
  • You will be redirected to the LIC electronic services welcome screen.
  • On the previous screen, the options “Individual Policy Paid Statement” and “Consolidated Premium Paid Statement” will appear. The premium payment can be downloaded using the option called “Individual Policy Payment Statement”.
  • Proclamations for individual approaches, while the ‘Solidified Premium Paid Affirmation’ option can be used to download top-tier delivery articulations for every fix you’ve purchased from LIC.
  • After completing the steps above, you will need to select the fiscal year and if you wish to download an “Individual Policy Statement of Premium Paid”, you will need to select the policy number.
  • The receipt can then be downloaded as a PDF, printed for your convenience, and used as a duplicate in case you don’t have access to your LIC account.
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  • First of all, visit the LIC website
  • Find the Online Services box on the left side of the page and click Customer Portal.
  • You will be redirected to the LIC electronic services page. You must click on “Sign up for electronic services” in the “Features provided” section.
  • There are two blocks, one called “Registered Users” and another called “New Users”.
  • Select New User and enter the requested details. The details to be entered include all of your LIC policies, the policy number of that policy, the individual’s date of birth as specified in the policy document, and the premium for premiums.
  • Before checking the box “I confirm that the above mobile phone number is registered in my name and I am using it”, the person’s email ID and mobile phone number must also be entered here.
  • Please enter the required information and click “Continue”.
  • You will then need to choose a user ID and password in accordance with the terms of use of the website. This user ID and password are your LIC portal credentials.
  • A welcome email will be sent to your registered email ID confirming your registration for LIC’s electronic services. To log in to the website, click on LICs E-Services, select Registered User, and then enter your User ID and Password.
  • After logging in to the portal, you can access various services such as basic, electronic, and premium services.

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