Massive leak reveals key details about Intel’s 14th-gen Core processors

The 14th-gen Core ‘Raptor Lake Refresh’ line is expected to be launched later this year.


  • Intel is set to release its 14th-gen Core ‘Raptor Lake Refresh’ CPUs later this year, with the latest information confirming the details of the upcoming processors.
  • The next-generation chips will use the Intel 7 process (10nm) and support higher DDR5 frequencies, but will only increase performance by 3% compared to their predecessors.
  • The i7-14700K in this line will have four additional ‘Efficient’ cores, resulting in 17% more performance in multitasking applications, while the i5-14600K and i9-14900K are expected to keep the same core numbers as their predecessors. .

Intel is expected to announce its 14th-gen Core ‘Raptor Lake Refresh’ CPUs later this year as a follow-up to last year’s Raptor Lake line. Various releases in the past few months have revealed a little about the upcoming processors, but the latest of them comes from the Taiwanese motherboard MSI, confirming several important facts, such as the names and high ratings of several chips in the next-gen family.

The download comes from MSI’s uncredited YouTube video (via @DarkmontTech), which discusses some of the key features of Intel’s upcoming CPUs. Although the video was taken in private, it shows that the Raptor Lake Refresh line will use the Intel 7 process (10nm) and support the higher frequencies of DDR5. In particular, the next-generation chips will only be 3 percent faster than their predecessors, with the i7-14700K offering about 17 percent more performance than the 13700K in most applications.

The 14700K’s performance increase will be due to four additional ‘Efficient’ cores in the new chip, which is said to come with 8 Performance cores and 12 Efficient cores, compared to the 8P+8E configuration of the 13700K. Both the i5-14600K and the i9-14900K, however, are expected to retain the same numbers as their predecessors. While the former will ship with 6P + 8E similar to the i5-13600K, the latter will come with 8 P cores and 16 E cores, similar to the i9-13900K.

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According to the original leak, these new chips will still have the same architecture as the Raptor Lake lineup, meaning they will have Raptor Cove P-Cores + Gracemont E-Cores like their predecessors. They will be based on the 10nm ++ process, with high-end chips expected to hit frequencies of 6GHz+. Faster performance, however, will come at a price, as the top-of-the-line Raptor Lake Refresh chips can have a 300W+ TDP. On the positive side, it will be compatible with existing LGA 1700 / 1800 motherboards, meaning that users will be able to easily upgrade their processor without changing their entire setup.

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