Microsoft 365 is getting a new default font after 15 years

The new font, Aptos, and a new default theme are set to make their public debut starting next month.

Key Takeaways

  • Starting next month, Microsoft’s Office products will retire Calibri as the default font and introduce a new font called Aptos, designed for higher-resolution screens.
  • Microsoft announced the change in 2021 and allowed users to provide input on the new default font, with Bierstadt, now renamed Aptos, ultimately chosen as the best option.
  • Along with the new font, Microsoft will also introduce a new default theme that includes a new color palette and updated default line weights to refresh the user experience.



After 15 years, Calibri is being retired as the default font in Microsoft’s Office products. Starting next month, public users will see a new font, Aptos, as the new default font, which Microsoft describes as the “perfect font for higher resolution screens.” In addition, the brand will also introduce a new default theme as well.

For some, this change might seem quite sudden, but in reality, Microsoft has been working on this move for quite some time. The brand first announced that it would be changing its default font for Microsoft 365 back in 2021, showcasing five new fonts, Bierstadt, Grandview, Seaford, Skeena, and Tenorite — one of which, would become the next default font of the platform. Rather than just make the change, it let 365 users provide input on which would be the best. In the end, Bierstadt would be the one that would resonate best with users.

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Almost a year later, Bierstadt would be reintroduced by Microsoft as the new default font, but it would get a name change to Aptos. The new font would be taking the reins from Calibri, which the company has used as its default Office font for the past 15 years. You might be wondering why Microsoft decided to make this change, and the company states that the new font will better suit higher-resolution displays. The new default has been available in Preview for Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel but will now be made available for all users starting next month.

In addition to the new font, users will also see a new default theme using “a new color palette, and updated default line weights.” While these changes are minor, there’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint in order to spruce up the current experience. So if you’re an avid user of Microsoft 365, prepare to see these changes starting next month. Of course, if you love Calibri, and still want to use it, it’ll still be available, it just won’t be the default font going forward.

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