Microsoft Edge will soon help you better remember your passwords through notes

Microsoft Edge’s in-built password manager will soon help you remember your passwords.


  • Microsoft Edge is working on a feature that allows users to add text to their saved passwords, making it easier to remember important information such as security questions or suggestions.
  • The password manager in Edge already offers functions such as saving, changing, and deleting passwords, and adding password entries will improve user experience.
  • While the ability to add text to passwords is useful, users who want more flexibility and features should consider installing third-party password managers for benefits such as password sharing.

Remembering all of your strong passwords for every online account is difficult, unless you have the memory of an elephant. Microsoft is working on a fix for the Edge browser. A new feature of Edge is working to allow users to add text to the passwords of any of their accounts stored in the browser.

Like X (former Twitter user). Leopeva64. While we don’t know what other ways Microsoft plans to improve password management, Edge allows users to save, view, change, and delete their passwords for various websites. And when password logs are available, Edge users will be able to add logs to each password they’ve saved by going to Passwords in the browser.

There are many ways that your personal information can be useful. For example, you can add text that contains answers to security questions asked during account setup. You can also use the tips as password notes, so if you forget your passwords, you can quickly look at the notes and jog your memory.

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However, if text doesn’t help you remember your passwords, the password manager in Edge lets you see all your saved passwords, as long as you remember the password for your Microsoft account that you signed in to in Edge. If you want to see passwords when remembering them using other methods, you can use notes to remember information about your online accounts, such as the date they were created. You can also use notes to remind yourself that you need to make changes after a while.

Google Chrome already allows users to add text to passwords, and Edge’s password manager will get the same. However, although built-in privacy managers have their advantages, once you start using one, you may not immediately switch to another browser due to dependencies. If this bothers you, try installing a free password manager that will give you more options like sharing passwords with people you trust, and more.

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