Microsoft is getting rid of a bunch of features in Edge soon

Many Edge customers will be happy to know that Microsoft is reducing the bloat in its browser soon.


  • Microsoft Edge Beta 117 is dropping features like Math Solver, Picture Dictionary, Citations, Grammar Tools, and Kids Mode to improve user experience and reduce complex menus.
  • New features, including Smart Find with AI-powered voice search capabilities and “E-tree in Wallet” for digital price growth, are being introduced in Microsoft Edge.
  • Microsoft Edge for Business will have extensions that automatically switch between your browser and the business client’s browser in the appropriate settings.

Microsoft Edge may not be the most popular web browser out there in terms of market share, but it’s certainly possible. Microsoft is constantly adding new features to the browser for both developers and consumers to improve the fight against the likes of Google Chrome. Stable Channel releases happen every month, but Insider releases give you an idea of ​​what to expect. Now, the latest version of Edge Beta has revealed that Microsoft is removing some features from its browser.

As we have seen and NeowinThe release notes for Edge Beta 117 that were found a few days ago say that Microsoft is dropping the following:

  • Math Solver
  • Picture Dictionary
  • Notes
  • Grammar Tools
  • Child Mode

While the company didn’t go into detail about what led to the switch, it emphasized that the move will improve user experience and reduce complex menus. Likewise, these devices are being removed from Edge 117, which is expected the week of September 14, 2023. Expect the above to be wiped on the towel to be completely removed in the next release.

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However, Microsoft is also introducing some new features for Edge. For starters, Smart Find will improve the ability to search words through AI even if you misspell a word or find something similar. Another feature is the “E-tree in Wallet” which enables users to grow digital value through a “virtual seed” in the Wallet. When the tree grows, a real mangrove tree will be planted in your place. Details on how to increase the actual value are scarce right now, but you’ll need to sign in to Edge through your Microsoft account to use it. Finally, Microsoft Edge for Business will carry some additional features in the form of a seamless transition between your browser and the browsing experience of business customers.

You can check out all of the above-mentioned updates by downloading the Edge 117 Beta from here or wait for the Stable release in about two weeks.

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