Microsoft releases Python Editor for Excel

Customers using Python in Excel can now use the new Python Editor designed for long, high-quality documents.


  • Microsoft has released the Python Editor for Excel, allowing users to use the power of Python alongside Excel forms.
  • Python Editor, developed by Excel Labs, offers features such as text highlighting, IntelliSense, automatic code completion, and debugging capabilities.
  • The Python Editor is currently available as an add-on through the Add-ons Store, and will eventually become built-in.

Less than a month ago, Microsoft finally announced Python support for Excel, allowing customers to use the powerful programming language in conjunction with standard Excel formulas to analyze and manipulate data. The move was received with great enthusiasm and to capitalize on this excitement, Microsoft has released a Python editor for the Office application.

The popular Python Editor comes from Excel Labs, which is a Microsoft Garage solution developed by a few members of the Excel team. For those who don’t know, Microsoft Garage is a program where employees from all companies are encouraged to create new and experimental software that can be completely dedicated or integrated with existing solutions.

The Python Editor in Excel provides a scripting experience that is very similar to an integrated development environment (IDE), such as Visual Studio Code, in nature. In fact, it shares several components with the aforementioned IDE along with features such as text highlighting, IntelliSense, automatic code completion, and proper formatting.

Another advantage of the Python Editor is the ability to debug your code by showing you the results of each editing step. It is also designed for long-form articles based on user experience and provides an environment that is designed to adhere to the oldest programming traditions. This gets to the point where you can modify your Python code in different ways and not use the data unless you do. This reduces the chance of your data being tampered with overwrites.

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As it stands, the Python Editor is available as an Excel Labs add-in through the Add-ins Store. Anyone can access it as long as they have Python to Excel enabled in their program. The applications are not built into Microsoft Excel by default however there is a chance that this will happen only if it gains popularity and popularity among the community.

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