Microsoft will defend AI Copilot commercial customers against copyright claims

Microsoft is committed to protecting commercial customers of its AI Copilot customers against copyright infringement.


  • Microsoft has assured customers who use its AI Copilot services that they are protected from the data they need, assuming they follow the company’s security measures.
  • The company has recognized the importance of respecting authors and their content in teaching AI models and takes responsibility for leading progress in this area.
  • Microsoft’s Copilot Copyright Commitment also applies to commercial customers who use other Copilot payment methods, so your use of Microsoft’s AIs is not covered by copyright infringement.

Microsoft has been going all out on its AI efforts recently. The company has been integrating its AI Copilot services across the Microsoft 365 suite of products and Windows. However, as the Redmond technology company expands work in this field of generative AI (GAI), there are natural concerns about legal and regulatory issues, due to the technology being in its infancy. Now, Microsoft has answered some of the questions in this area in order to convince business customers to use its GAI technology without worrying about legal issues.

Microsoft President Brad Smith announced the Copilot Copyright Commitment, which assures business customers that they are protected from any copyright infringement by copilot services. Microsoft says that it will take full responsibility on behalf of the commercial customer as long as they use the appropriate technologies within the security and agreements established by the company. It says the move is similar to the company’s defense against patent claims on some of its products; In fact, the customer should not worry about these things.

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Another commitment made by Microsoft involves being “responsive” to the concerns of developers being supported to train AI models. It believes that supporting progress in this area is its responsibility, not the client’s. That said, it has been emphasized that it is important for customers to stay within the limits set by Microsoft when it comes to creating content through AI services, as there are several safety nets already in place to respect copyright laws and use appropriate filtering, monitoring, and similar security measures. .

It is important to note that Microsoft’s new Copilot Copyright Commitment only extends to business customers, which include users of GitHub Copilot, Bing Chat Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Copilot, and other paid Copilot solutions for tools such as Power BI, Viva Sales, Dynamics 365, and More. This means that if you create copyright-infringing content through Bing Chat, you may not be held liable for legal action under the Microsoft Copilot Copyright Commitment.

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