Paint on Windows 11 moves closer to Photoshop with layer support

The paint program in Windows 11 is moving forward a bit, as Microsoft seems to be testing a new feature that you can find in Photoshop.


  • Microsoft is testing a new feature in the Windows 11 Paint program, making it a tool to help you edit photos and work with multiple images.
  • The addition of layers, as well as other recent features such as transparency and background subtraction, show Microsoft’s commitment to improving the Paint program.
  • While it won’t replace Photoshop for most people, Paint is becoming more versatile and easy to use, making it a useful tool for quick projects.

The Windows 11 Photos app comes close to replacing Photoshop for your photo editing needs. Microsoft seems to be testing a new feature in the Paint app, allowing you to use the app as a virtual canvas for all your needs. The demo is rolling out to the Dev and Canary Channel Windows Insiders.

As Spotted on X (formerly known as Twitter) is PhantomOcean3, Windows Insiders should notice the software update 11.2308.18.0. Microsoft has not yet announced this change in its official version, but in this version of the program, there is a new Layers section on the right side of the screen next to the Colors palette. From there, you can click on the little + sign, and add a new layer to your canvas, then work on top of it as you normally would. This includes things like visibility, which were already added to the program in previous updates.

Although this is a small feature, this is a great feature if you hope to use Paint as an image editor because it will make working with multiple images much easier. It won’t replace Photoshop at all, but it’s perfect for quick projects, and helps push the advanced software forward in terms of looks. As you may recall, Microsoft has been busy adding new features to Paint. Last week, the program has a background remover, under the Image section in the toolbar, allowing you to easily remove an image with a few clicks. Microsoft also released a dark mode in the Paint app for Windows 11 back in August, helping the app adapt to the way you use your Windows 11 PC.

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We hope to hear Microsoft announce this soon. As usual, as soon as it is tested by Canary and the Dev Channel Windows Insider, everyone who has a stable version of the operating system should wait in a few weeks or months.

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