Philips’ new creator monitor promises accurate colors and deep blacks for just $500

Usually, creator-centric monitors are expensive but Philips is launching the 27E2F7901 Creator Series Monitor on September 1 for $500

Key Takeaways

  • Philips has announced the 27E2F7901 Creator Series monitor, a 27-inch 4K UHD display that is affordable and ideal for content creators.
  • This monitor offers excellent color accuracy, covering 100% sRGB, 98% DCI-P3, 100% REC 709, and 108.6% of the Adobe RGB color space.
  • With features like a KVM switch, USB-C connectivity, adaptive sync, and an ergonomic design, the 27E2F7901 offers great value for the price.

Video editors, photo editors, or anyone looking for an affordable but color-accurate monitor will have a new option soon. Philips has announced the new 27E2F7901 Creator Series Monitor, a 27-inch 4K UHD 3480×2160 resolution display now up for pre-order on Amazon for $500 with a release date set for September 1.

This monitor offers a lot of value for the money, packing in color accuracy that content creators often need. It caps out at a 60Hz refresh rate but covers 100% sRGB, 98% DCI-P3, 100% REC 709, and 108.6% of the Adobe RGB color space. This is also an IPS Black monitor, which is almost like OLED technology when it comes in terms of screen quality, with deeper blacks, and higher contrast ratios. Other notable features include its 4ms response time, support for Adaptive Sync, Display HDR 400, and its Flicker-free, LowBlue, and Anti-Sglare technologies.

Of course, the connectivity is pretty solid, too. The monitor features a KVM switch, which lets you simply connectivity by sharing your peripherals across different devices. Other than that, the monitor supports DisplayPort Daisy-chaning, so you can connect other monitors to it for a more complete setup. It features USB-C ports, too, allowing you to charge and connect your laptop or MacBook to get up to 96W of charging. That’s on top of the usual HDMI ports that you expect from such monitors.

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When it comes to the design, this is quite an ergonomic monitor, too It has a height-adjustable square-shaped but open stand that’s VESA compatible. You can tilt, pivot, and slide the monitor to any angle you see fit. That includes the landscape or the portrait mode.

If this has caught your attention, you can pre-order the 27E2F7901 Creator Series Monitor with the link below. Again, orders are expected to start shipping on September 1, according to Amazon.

PHILIPS Creator Series 27E2F7901

The PHILIPS Creator Series 27E2F7901 is an affordable monitor for creators packing in a 4K resolution, a KVM switch, USB-C connectivity, and IPS Black technology. 

$500 at Amazon

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