Photo albums in OneDrive are about to take up a whole lot more space

Microsoft is making controversial changes to OneDrive storage policies that will affect many.


  • Microsoft is making policy changes against the OneDrive photo storage system, which could make users consume more cloud storage.
  • This change means that the photos used in the albums will be read separately from the storage space, which will take up a lot of space.
  • To avoid confusion, Microsoft recommends checking storage space, removing large email attachments and duplicate images, and is offering one-time storage for existing customers.

OneDrive is one of the best cloud storage solutions out there, mainly because of its price and how tightly it integrates with Microsoft Office applications. The service is due to receive some AI next month if the latest rumors are to be believed, but before that happens, Microsoft has announced a policy change that may seem counterintuitive to many.

Dr. Windows reports that Microsoft is sending emails to customers to inform them that due to changes in OneDrive’s photo feature, you may lose information on cloud storage. This is because your photos will be stored in your Gallery as usual, but if they are used again in albums, they will be counted separately in your storage area. For example, if an image is stored in the Gallery and is used in three other albums, it will take up four times as much space as usual.

There are some downsides to changing this configuration. Once it starts up and forces you to go through your backups, you’ll experience crashes when using Outlook, and you won’t be able to sync files to OneDrive or save new content. As such, Microsoft recommends checking your storage space and making sure you delete large emails and duplicate images.

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However, to give an advantage to existing customers, it also offers you free one-time storage so that your traffic is not suddenly interrupted. You can see how much storage space you have been given by Microsoft through your OneDrive; it will be valid for one year from the date of issue.

As it stands now, the new policy will start from October 16, 2023, continuously. This may affect many customers who previously backed up photos and used albums created from them without a second thought. Some users may also be forced to consider paid plans for OneDrive, which is probably why Microsoft introduced this feature in the first place.

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