Plugins for Bing Chat seem to finally be rolling out

Users of Bing Chat in Microsoft Edge can use plugins, but there are limitations.


  • Bing Chat in Microsoft Edge now supports plugins, although currently, there are only five, including Instacart and OpenTable.
  • Users can select and use up to three plugins in the chat, but they are locked and cannot be changed until they change to a new theme.
  • Microsoft has plans to increase the number of plugins available in the future, and there is a possibility that Bing Chat plugins will be introduced to other browsers, such as Google Chrome, in the future.

Microsoft announced earlier this year that plugins to support Bing Chat are coming to Microsoft Edge. And now, after retaining users for several months, the software giant seems to have started rolling out plugins for the Bing Chat site in the Edge browser.

X (former Twitter user). Vladimir Kiryanov is one of the lucky few who claim to have received support for Bing Chat plugins in Edge. However, based on the screenshots Kirinov posted on the X, there seem to be some limitations to how it can be used. For example, only five plugins are currently available – including Instacart, Kayak, Klarna, OpenTable, and Shop – and you can choose and use up to three for each transaction. When you select plugins for the discussion thread, they are locked, and you can’t change them until you change the new topic.

The Plugins tab is next to Recent Events on the Bing Chat page. With selected plugins, you can compare prices of products from various online shops in the US, ask about recipes, book restaurants, flights, and more. But with the number of plugins that are supported for just three conversations, the amount of things you can do with them is limited. In addition to the Bing Chat page in Edge, plug-in support will also be available in Bing Chat through Edge, as Microsoft has begun testing its chatbot plugins in Edge Canary.

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Although there are only five plugins available at launch, Bing Chat will get more in the future. Microsoft previously confirmed that Bing could use the same plugins available on ChatGPT at some point, similar to how Chrome extensions can be installed in the Edge browser. But unlike ChatGPT, Microsoft’s chatbots don’t ask you to register to use plugins.

Although not confirmed, Microsoft may bring plugins to support Bing Chat in other browsers. And now that Bing Chat is available to all Google Chrome desktop users, introducing Bing Chat plugins for the most used browsers is the next logical step. But it is up to Microsoft to decide when to launch Bing Chat Plugins for Chrome or other popular browsers.

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