Reliance JioFi new offer: How to get Rs 1,500 cashback?

Reliance JIO Fi New Offering: Reliance JIO Fi is a wireless router provided by Reliance JIO. This device allows the user to set up an access point that can provide access to 4G high-speed data. The router only works with Reliance JIO SIM. Even normal JIO numbers can be used with JIO Fi. To stimulate the demand for the device, Reliance JIO is offering new deals to the buyers. New offer from Reliance JioFi. Reliance JIO, India’s largest telecom operator, is offering its customers Rs 1,500 cashback on the purchase of JIO Fi devices. Honestly, it is not a product that is in high demand today. But for some it can be a very useful tool to connect several devices to the same network. JIO Fi has been on the market for a long time.

India’s latest telco, Reliance Jio, has come up with a new offer: You can get Rs 1,500 cashback when you sign up for a JioFi plan! This offer is available from October 4 to October 10 and you can take advantage of it by visiting any participating Jio retail store or This cash-back offer is a great way to start your journey into the digital monsoon, giving you the Internet access you need in your home at an extremely low rate. Hurry and sign up for a JioFi plan today to enjoy this amazing deal!

New Reliance JIO Fi Offer

Reliance JIO Fi is a wireless router provided by Reliance JIO. This device allows the user to set up an access point that can provide access to 4G high-speed data. The router only works with Reliance JIO SIM. Even normal JIO numbers can be used with JIO Fi. To stimulate the demand for the device, Reliance JIO is offering new deals to the buyers. However, JIO gradually turned its attention away from product marketing. So you don’t hear it very often. For those who are not familiar with the product, it is a Wi-Fi hotspot device that works on JIO’s 4G network. The device has a JIO SIM card that must be loaded to gain access to data.

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Reliance JIO Fi has launched a new offer offering Rs 1,500 in cash back to its customers. New and existing customers who switch to JioFi plans with data packs of 4GB or more will get Rs 1,000 cash back. The CashBack amount is credited to your account within 30 days of switching to a JioFi plan and will be reflected on your monthly bill. So if you are looking to switch to JioFi and take advantage of the new cashback offer of Rs 1500, now is the time to do it!

New offer from Reliance JioFi

Reliance JIO Fi Details

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Reliance JIO Fi Digital Monsoon Deal

Now is the time to switch to Reliance JioFi! The telecom giant’s new digital monsoon offer gives users the chance to get Rs 1,500 cashback on their next bill. To take advantage of this offer, customers need to download the Reliance Jio app and sign up for a new account. Once registered, customers will be able to see all the offers that are currently available in the app. Scan the barcode on the products with your phone, then submit the online form to receive your cash back rewards. This is a great opportunity for those who have been waiting for Reliance JioFi to launch in their area. Switch now and start enjoying jio’s unbeatable network speeds!

Now you can get JIO Fi for Rs 2800. The buyer can get a refund of 1,500 yen. This new service reduces the effective price to Rs 1,300. The refund can be used in the form of future charges for accessing data on JIO Fi. JIO Fi was a very popular product when there were many 4G VoLTE devices on the market. but that is no longer the scenario. Easily create a high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot from your smartphone. JIO Fi is quite a small device that easily fits in your pocket or bag and is also considered to be a very secure product. Of course, it runs on batteries, so you’ll need to charge it to use it.

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Where to get JIO Fi?

JIO Fi is available at various retailers across the country. You can also search for the nearest store from the store locator. You can find the link here. Use our locator to find your nearest store, nearest service center, or even hotspots. These access points give JIO numbers instant access to data. Reliance JIO Fi can provide a Wi-Fi network for 32 devices. However, the company recommends users to connect one device to up to 10 devices for smooth usage. To operate the device, an active JIO SIM card must be inserted into the device. The device also comes with a rechargeable battery, allowing users to take it with them on their travels. JIO Fi hotspot devices have become even more popular due to the rise of remote work culture. The battery is removable and can be replaced for additional coverage on the go. Reliance recently became the largest 5G network provider in the country by acquiring rights to 4G spectrum bands worth more than Rs 88,000. The company plans to expand its network in record time. The company may also release updated JIO Fi devices for 5G networks once 5G services are rolled out to all users.

Reliance JIO Fi Digital Monsoon Deal

Reliance Jio is back with a bang! This time, the telecom giant is offering a digital monsoon offer that offers benefits to its customers across India. The offer: Get Rs 1500 cash back when you upgrade to JIOFi 3 months before the end of your contract term at any participating retailer in India (excluding Reliance Digital outlets). To take advantage of this offer, you must upgrade to JioFi 3 months before the end of your current contract term and activate | Claim with ONE entry attempt via the MyJio app OR website by Aug 31, 2017 11:59pm IST | Maximum 2 attempts per customer during this promotion period. So, what are you waiting for? Come on board and enjoy all the benefits that JioFi has to offer!

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Reliance JioFi is now offering Rs 1500 cashback on all top-up amounts of Rs 500 and above. This means that you can get cashback of Rs 1500 when you recharge your JioFi device with a minimum recharge of Rs 500. To get this offer, simply download the JioFi app and enter the offer code “MONSOON” at checkout. This offer is valid until September 30, 2017. Don’t miss out and download the JioFi app now to take advantage of this great offer!

Frequent questions

What is Reliance JioFi and how does it work?

The JioFi device allows multiple users to share Jio’s 4G high-speed Internet connection through a personal Wi-Fi hotspot, which can be accessed from mobile phones and tablets. JioFi WiFi Router, powered by LYF, can connect ten devices + one USB port to start with. Some versions can add many more devices.

How can JioFi work without SIM?

The Reliance JioFi has a Reliance Jio SIM with which you will be able to connect to the network once it has been activated. If necessary, you can use SIM cards from other providers with JioFi, but you will have to pay for the use of that network.

How can you use JioFi to call?

JioFi is a product that will work with your 2G, 3G or 4G phone if it doesn’t support VoLTE. The JioFi is a portable router that you can take with you on your travels. You can get fast internet connections and HD voice and video VoLTE calls with a Jio SIM in your phone.

How can JioFi be used as Wi-Fi?

Yes I agree. WiFi is supported by Jio Home Gateway.

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