Samsung’s 990 Pro NVMe SSD with heatsink drops to lowest price yet in this phenomenal deal

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade, right now’s the perfect time to buy, with the Samsung 990 Pro price dropping by 43%.

Samsung 990 Pro with Heatsink $85 $150 Save $65

This is the best SSD you can buy right now, and although you get excellent performance, you can also count on the drive with its great reliability. For a limited time, you can pick up this drive for just $85.

$85 at Samsung $85 at Best Buy $85 at Amazon

There’s no better time to upgrade the internal storage of your laptop or PC than now, especially with Samsung’s highly regarded 990 Pro NVMe SSD dropping to its lowest price so far to date. Not only are you getting a quality M.2 SSD, but this model already comes with a heatsink attached.



While it can be used in laptops and PCs, the 990 Pro SSD can also be used to upgrade a PlayStation 5. So if you have any of the above devices, now’s the perfect time to upgrade, because the Samsung 990 Pro SSD with heatsink has now been discounted by 43%, dropping it down to its lowest price yet.

What’s great about the Samsung 990 Pro SSD?

The Samsung 990 Pro SSD is the best NVMe SSD on the market right now. This storage pushes the upper limits of what’s possible, with sequential read speeds up to 7,450, and sequential write speeds topping out at 6,900 MB/s. While Samsung’s 990 Pro SSD can operate at its peak without issue, the accompanying heatsinks provide an extra layer of protection for the chip, delivering consistent speeds, while being extremely efficient.

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In addition to incredible performance, you’re also getting excellent reliability, with Samsung providing a five-year or 600 TBW warranty, whichever comes first, on the drive. As mentioned before, this drive can be used in PCs and laptops, but since it’s a Gen 4 SSD, it can also be used in the PlayStation 5. You really can’t go wrong with the 990 Pro, and because it’s on sale for $85, this becomes an absolute no-brainer.

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