Save 26% on this fantastic 4K webcam with auto framing for a limited time

The best 4K web camera that can monitor your movements, below its retail price in this limited time.

OBBOT Mini 4K $199 $269 Save $70

The Obsbot Tiny 4K webcam is an AI-powered camera with excellent image quality and can track the user in real time and ensure they stay in the frame by rotating and tilting the base. They are great if you want to move around while making phone calls.

$199 at Amazon

This is the webcam you want if you want great photos and something that can keep up with your commute. The Obsbot Tiny 4K webcam has a unique feature called auto framing that allows the camera to follow your movements to keep the subject in the frame. As you can imagine, there are a number of advantages to having a camera like this, so if you’ve been looking to improve your online presence or need something more basic for online traffic – this is the camera for you. you.


Right now for a limited time, you can grab the Osbot Tiny 4K webcam for an absolute steal as it’s discounted by $70 off its retail price. While it’s still a lot of money at $199, it’s a bargain for one of the best cameras on the market, the Insta360 Link, which comes in at $300. So as we’ve said before, with its current discounts, it’s an absolute steal for a 4K webcam. The webcam comes with everything you need, including a magnetic mount for your laptop or desktop monitor, and it also comes with a sleek and stylish carrying case.

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In addition, the webcams can also be edited through its own software, giving users the ability to dial in the results as needed. Although face tracking will be the primary mode of operation, there is also a head mode that will ensure that most of the area around you is in the frame. In addition, users will have the ability to change colors to create the right look for their destination. Now, this isn’t the cheapest laptop you can buy, but you’re getting a lot for your money with the Osbot Tiny 4K.

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