Sea of Stars tips and tricks: 8 things you should know before playing

destruction studio Stars and sea maybe just this A strong contender for Indie Game of the Year.this timed triggerThe inspired RPG earned high praise from critics and continues to impress casual audiences following its release in August 2023. Its engaging combat and storytelling make it the perfect indie game for RPG aficionados, especially those who appreciate the balance of serious and goofy styles in a story. However, it’s not perfect. Some parts are harder to figure out than others. To make things easier, we’ve put together this list of top tips and tricks that will make your gaming session a lot less painful.Here are eight things we wish we knew before playing the game Stars and sea.


  • Load Abacus early in the game
  • If you forget where you are going, check the map
  • Timed “clicks” also work for therapy
  • If you can’t remember your goal, camp
  • Turn on continuous flare
  • Scroll only within highlighted area
  • save as much as possible
  • Keep reading the story
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Load Abacus early in the game

Sea of ​​Stars | Release trailer

Stars and sea There are 3 types of accessories. One is your armor, which generally increases your physical and magical defense stats. Another type of accessories include belts, scarves, and other accessories that increase health and attack power. The last one is a special “gold ring” accessory that gives your character special abilities.

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This is where the abacus comes in. These babies enable the character to view the health bars of enemies, except bosses. Special accessories are usually harder to find later in the game and tend to be expensive. Abacus are relatively cheap, useful accessories that you can equip on all characters until you find a better special accessory to replace them.


You can buy an abacus early in the game from the merchant at Stonemason Outpost, a town full of mole people. At that point, you’ll be left with just your protagonist and two allies. This will eventually grow into six characters that you can play as as you wish. Buy as many abacus as you think you need. Personally, I wish I had bought five.

If you forget where you are going, check the map

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Stars and sea There are no handy to-do lists or task markers to remind you where you need to go to complete major tasks.unlike The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it gives no indication of where you should go at each step. It does, however, have a star symbol marking the general direction you need to go.

Just open the map from the main menu. There should be a yellow star on the map pointing to the marked destination. However, it doesn’t necessarily tell you where to go in the area to advance the plot. For example, you may need to visit a specific island, but the stars won’t tell you which part of the island you must visit. If you need help remembering your goals, you can follow our next tip.

Timed “clicks” also work for therapy

one Stars and sea‘The signature mechanic is that when your character performs an attack while pressing the attack button, it rewards you with extra damage. You can also trigger timed blocks when enemies attack your character to reduce damage. A little-known tip is that there’s also such a thing as timed healing, where you can restore more health if your character presses the attack button at the right time while restoring health to himself and his allies. The timing may vary based on the specific healing action or item, but it’s worth a try when you need extra healing.

If you can’t remember your goal, camp

Teak telling stories around the campfireImage used with permission of the copyright owner

Sometimes, even if you’re in the right spot, you may not remember what you have to do to advance the plot. If so, you can camp out and talk to your teammates to refresh your memory.

Stars and sea Camp functionality is provided between the main areas on the land so you can save your game, cook food, talk to teammates, and listen to the stories of the emblematic historian Yuki. It is only accessible from the profile view. Depending on your platform, there should be a designated button and the game will prompt you to press the camp button.

Press the camp button and wait for the game to transition to camp. You’ll have the opportunity to consult with teammates there, and one of them may be able to tell you useful information about where you should go.

Turn on continuous flare

Stars and sea Use Relics to adjust the game’s difficulty, but there is no official difficulty setting. These items can provide conveniences like instant healing after combat, damage reduction, and even the ability to better see when your timed hits land. Continuous Flare is one of the relics you get at the beginning of the game, which fires colorful flares into the air every time you successfully hit. This visual aid helps those of us who need a clearer indicator of when to hit the ball correctly. Even better, it’s free!

Scroll only within highlighted area

Valere fishing in Xinghai Blue Circle LakeImage used with permission of the copyright owner

Stars and seaThe fishing game will guide you in steering and reeling in when your bait is in the highlighted strip in the middle of the lake. When you open the options menu tutorial, it highlights the safe areas in the fishing game instructions. However, some players don’t realize that the turn and reel buttons should be used individually, not together. The reel button should only be held down when the fish is in the highlighted area, otherwise the line will snap. As a bonus, when the fish jumps out of the water, you can quickly press the reel button to stun it.

save as much as possible

Stars and sea There is an auto-save feature, but it does not guarantee saving in the most convenient place. You may progress through multiple puzzles and enemies before the autosave begins. Unfortunately, you can also get ambushed while at low health, or encounter an unexpectedly difficult enemy before doing so. Starting over a few minutes before the point you’ve already progressed to doesn’t seem like much of a setback, but playing through the same course can get tiresome. It gets especially old if you happen to encounter the same opponent twice, or if you need to repeat the same puzzle several times in a row because you refuse to lower the difficulty.

With this in mind, if you anticipate hitting a difficult section or have just completed multiple sections of the map that you’d find annoying to redo, backtrack to your most recent save point. Your progress will thank you later.

Keep reading the story

This is more of a tip than a may find Stars and sea‘ The premise at the beginning is simple. However, if you stick around until at least the midway point, you’ll witness the depth that Sabotage Studios put into the plot. If you’re a narrative junkie like me, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Stars and sea Available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

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