Skype’s Bing AI gets a massive upgrade with tone suggestions and more

Microsoft has introduced a number of new features to Bing Chat in Skype to help you get rid of unwanted messages.


  • Microsoft is introducing AI features to improve chats in Skype, including the ability to set message tones and record them in real time.
  • Skype now offers message modes such as Professional, Casual, Sarcastic, and Witty to help users create more with their messages.
  • Users can switch between different languages ​​and go back to their original message if they don’t like the changes made by Bing, and sharing Skype profiles has been made easier with a new share icon.

Microsoft is in the process of bringing Bing Chat’s AI feature to many of its apps and services and is also working to improve AI capabilities across its various platforms. The latest software to get the big AI revolution is Skype, which now lets you be creative in your communications.

Microsoft has implemented the ability to set the tones of the messages you type in the Skype chat composer. When you start writing your message, Skype will now give you several message suggestions, including Professional, Casual, Sarcastic, Witty, and more. This is similar to how you write emails, paragraphs, and blog posts using Bing Chat in Edge.

When you set the Bing Chat tone to rewrite your message in Skype, an automated window will appear, showing you every rewriting option in real time. If you like what you see, you can replace your original message with the chatbot’s rewritten one or send it to the board for use. But if you don’t like the tweaks Bing made to your message, you can always go back to your original message.

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Also, you can choose a different tone if you change your mind, and Bing will rewrite the message to try to match your tone. Again, you have the option to go back to the original text. Microsoft hopes that this update to Bing in Skype will help you get rid of unwanted messages. While this new feature promises to revolutionize Skype chat, it doesn’t just focus on an AI-based chatbot.

In addition to managing the Bing Chat experience in Skype, Microsoft has made it easy to share your Skype profile on a computer. MePanel now has a new share icon that appears next to the Profile header. All it takes is a click to open the Share Profile panel, making sharing your profile easy.

All the changes mentioned above are now available in Skype Insider build 8.104. They move slowly, and that means you may not see them right away. As Microsoft announced, it may take a few days to bring all the new features to Skype Insiders running the latest Insider build.

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