The classic Outlook app may be killed off in the next two years

The Microsoft 365 YouTube channel posted a video, giving us more information about the company’s vision for Outlook as a whole.


  • Microsoft plans to replace the classic Outlook program with a new Outlook, but it will take several years for the change to happen.
  • The new Outlook app will have AI capabilities and will aim to provide 10x performance to users.
  • Microsoft is currently working on bringing features from existing Outlook clients into the new Outlook app, aiming to make it consistent and consistent across platforms.

Microsoft has recently posted a video on its Microsoft 365 YouTube channel, revealing more about what will happen in the new Outlook app for Windows. At the end of the video, Microsoft also confirmed that it will take several years to replace the Win32-based Outlook program with the new Outlook.

Before killing the old Outlook, Microsoft hopes to provide 10x productivity to Outlook users by adding AI features to the new Outlook software, although the company remains tight-lipped about how this will happen. The new Outlook isn’t the only Microsoft 365 app that will get AI capabilities, however. Microsoft will hold an event on October 3 to unveil new AI features for OneDrive.

Besides the potential of AI, Microsoft will solve one major problem with the current Outlook on the Windows platform. Admitting that having multiple Outlook clients, such as the UWP application from Mail and Calendar, the advanced Outlook desktop application, is one of the pain points for users, Microsoft has announced that the new Outlook will bring the best of the existing ones. The Outlook client is what Microsoft calls “disruptive updates”, which will be big enough to grab users’ attention. And Microsoft will put them all into one program, the new Outlook.

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Touching on some of the recent additions to the new Outlook, Microsoft has shown us in this video some of the features that the company plans to introduce again. Support for third-party accounts, Search Folders, the ability to open files in native programs, support for PST, OFT, MSG, and ICS files, etc. are in the works, and may soon be introduced to the new Outlook. Apart from that, the company has plans to release new ink support for Outlook this month.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to Outlook/Hotmail accounts, it is already possible to add Gmail accounts to the new Outlook program. The ability to add accounts from other services, such as Yahoo, to the new Outlook is in the works.

Microsoft does not have an exact answer as to when it will replace the old Outlook with the new Outlook. Based on the roadmap that the company shared in the video, it looks like desktop Outlook will not be phased out before 2025. It may take a long time depending on how things progress in making the new Outlook compatible with the old one.

However, as Microsoft said in the video, the time to exit the Outlook box for Windows and the advanced Outlook program will be different. While transitioning out of the old Outlook will take several years, the software giant has plans to replace the inbox Mail and Calendar app for Windows with the new Outlook app in December 2024.

The new Outlook app looks and feels like its web client. But Microsoft’s vision for the new Outlook is more than just making the program look like a copy of the web client. The new Outlook is the company’s attempt to unify the Windows, Web, and Mac Outlook codebases, ensuring that new features reach users quickly across platforms and bringing consistency to how the interface works.

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If you want to test the new Outlook program, you can open the Outlook desktop or the Mail and Calendar program on your PC and enable the Try Outlook update in the upper right corner. The new Outlook for Windows app is available for preview, and works on Intel and Windows on Arm laptops.

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