This 22TB external hard drive has never been cheaper than right now with this 45% discount

The large drive ensures that you won’t run out of space, and now, for a limited time, it comes down to its retail price.

WD My Book External Hard Drive $330 $600 Save $270

This 22TB drive ensures that you will probably never run out of hard drive space. Best of all, it comes at 45% off its retail price for a limited time.

$330 at Amazon

For the most part, Western Digital products are reliable, something to keep in mind when relying on a device to store all your important files. Although the company offers different options such as SSDs and NMVe SSDs, a hard disk drive will be the best solution if you want to go above 4TB. Although the HDD technology may be outdated, and its speed may not be as fast as today’s hard drives, it still offers great value for money.


With that said, we’ve uncovered the best deal, you won’t want to uncover it. For a limited time, the 22TB Western Digital My Book external hard drive is now 45% off its retail price. That means you can get this car for $330, or just $15 per GB, making this an absolute steal. Perhaps best of all, with this kind of storage, you probably won’t need another external storage device.

As mentioned, the drive makes it easy to keep track of all your information with programs that can be set up to keep track of information. In addition, you can rely on My Book to protect your data, equipped with 256-bit AES encryption and passwords. Since this is a large drive, you need to plug it in, and the drive also has a USB 3.0 port for fast data transfers. Now the drive is compatible with Windows and Mac, although Mac users will want to create an interface.

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In terms of reliability, the company offers a three-year warranty to protect against any manufacturing defects. So if you’ve been looking to back up all your data and need a large drive to do it, this would be the best option.

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