This MSI 24-inch curved gaming monitor is an absolute steal at $91

Great performance for a 1500R sports bike that comes in under $100.

MSI 24-inch monitor $91 $150 Save $59

A great budget review that comes in at 41% below its retail price. This MSI monitor has 1080p resolution, 1500R curvature, 1ms response time, and 75Hz refresh rate.

$91 at Amazon

If you’re looking for a cheap gaming monitor, chances are you’ve checked out some of our top picks when it comes to the best gaming monitors right now. Well, we’ve managed to find a monitor that doesn’t cost less than $100, but also has excellent performance and features. This MSI foldable monitor has a 24″ panel, 1080p resolution, 75Hz refresh rate, and offers support for AMD’s FreeSync.


As far as performance goes, you can expect excellent colors and contrast and the 1500R’s curvature will keep you immersed regardless of what’s on the screen. Additionally, you get a 1ms response time, the aforementioned 75Hz refresh rate, and edge-to-edge with its seamless design. This monitor also offers AMD’s FreeSync Premium support, which will reduce tearing and the Night Vision feature will bring out all the goodies hidden in dark areas.

As far as ports go, the monitor has a simple but good selection with DisplayPort (1.2a) and HDMI (1.4b). For the most part, this one isn’t cheap but packs a punch especially at its current price of $91. So if you’ve been looking to pick up a monitor at an affordable price or just need to upgrade your current setup with another monitor, this model will be the perfect fit for you.

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