This popular 2TB SSD upgrade for your Steam Deck is now $100 off for a limited time

This popular 2TB 2230 SSD is back at its lowest price yet.

SABRENT Rocket 2230 NVMe 4.0 2TB SSD $200 $300 Save $100

Sabrent’s 2TB Rocket 2230 SSD (also known as the Rocket Q4 2230) is the largest 2230 SSD for devices like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, and it’s also one of the best 2TB 2230 SSDs you can buy.

$200 at Amazon

Sabrent’s 2TB 2230 SSD has been hot for the past few months, often selling out quickly whenever the SSD goes on sale. Luckily, we’ve found a new chip deal early on that brings the price down to $200, knocking $100 off the deal. For a limited time, you can now upgrade your Steam Deck, ROG Ally, or Surface Pro for a great price, making this one of the best deals you can get for a 2TB 2230 SSD upgrade.


Now on the drive itself, the Sabrent Rocket Q4 2230 SSD is a Gen4 drive, meaning you can expect read and write speeds of up to 4750 MB/s, up to 4300 MB/s respectively. As far as quality goes, Sabrent has been in business for a long time and stands behind its products, offering a two-year warranty and adding up to three years if the product is branded.

While 2TB is a good choice for expansion, Sabrent also offers different sizes of its M.2 2230 drive, coming in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. Of course, you can also do better on these SSDs, with 256GB coming in at just $40, 512GB at $60, and 1TB at $90.

  • Sabrent Rocket 2230 NVMe 256GB SSD
  • Sabrent Rocket 2230 NVMe 512GB SSD (Save 20%)
  • Sabrent Rocket 2230 NVMe 1TB SSD (Save 18%)
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So if you’re thinking of upgrading your Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally, or Surface Pro – look no further than Sabrent solutions. Just make sure you get the job done as soon as you can, because the 2TB model is a hot seller and may sell out.

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