Vivaldi browser gets even faster with version 6.2 update

The speed of opening a window in the browser is now 37% faster than before


  • Vivaldi 6.2 improves window loading speed by 37%.
  • It also uses less memory, making it a more powerful alternative to Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.
  • This is due to a change in the bottom of the browser.
  • Additional features include customizable address suggestions, geolocation functions on macOS, intuitive browsing in multiple lists, and new mail filters in Vivaldi Mail 1.7.


Vivaldi browser is now very useful. Thanks to the changes in Vivaldi 6.2 on the desktop, you will feel that opening windows will be faster and you should notice that the browser will also use less memory. These updates have now been rolled out to all users and help make it a stronger alternative to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and Firefox as one of the best browsers.

So, how did Vivaldi get this new job? Well, the team claims that the opening speed is now 37% faster than before, or up to 64% faster compared to the previous 2018 version of the browser. This is on a machine with an Intel Core i3 CPU running at 2 GHz. The results may be different, but this is due to change. The browser now creates windows through the Portal Windows version, which supports the browser. The technical details of this can be found in a separate blog from the team behind it, but it comes down to reducing memory and CPU usage and optimizing code.

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There are many other changes in the 6.2 release, too. In the context of the address field, you will have many choices to prioritize the structure of the drop-down menu, and customize it according to your needs. Meanwhile, on macOS, Geolocation services are making a comeback, thanks to Apple Location Services. There’s also a familiar button for browsing history that can clear your recent history. You can also click the Feed Reader icon in the Address bar to follow updates from many of your favorite news publishers. Finally, in the mail client, Vivaldi Mail 1.7, you will see new mail filters to customize your experience. This will be under Settings, Email Settings, and Filters Buttons.

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