‘What Does CFS Mean on Instagram’: CFS Meaning on Instagram Explained

There are times when we can’t keep up with Gen Z and their new ways of communicating. One of them uses slang. And, oh my God, are they having a hard time?

Imagine this:

You browse Instagram’s feed or reels section only to find a random hashtag added to a post.

And despite looking through the comments and looking for the answer, you haven’t found it. So, if you are here, you might want to know what CFS means on Instagram.

For a similar short form, some users are also wondering what NFS means on Instagram. If you’ve ever heard of the acronym CFS but haven’t yet discovered the meaning of CFS on Instagram, we’re here to tell you all about it and more.

Some users also ask if CFS has other meanings as well. From creating a CF listing to publishing a CFS, everything is covered here. So, let’s get the ball rolling.

What does CFS mean on Instagram?

Finding slang on social media is no exception. But understanding the latter group may not be everyone’s task.

And the one that has been added to the bucket list is CFS. But before we start with the meaning of CFS on Instagram, let’s first understand what CFS is.

On Instagram, with many hashtags and acronyms circulating, CF stands for Close Friends. For those of you who don’t know, this is an Instagram feature that allows users to create a list of selected members who they consider to be their close friends.

Other than that, you can share posts, add stories, and edit the list with them. Just so you don’t get confused, every time you post a CFS, that is, the close friends story will appear in a green circle for your close friends.

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As shown in the image below, the left one is a normal story and the right one is a CFS story.

Normal history and CFS.

If you’ve seen a Close Friends Story (CFS) before, it means you’ve been added to that person’s close friends list on Instagram. And if this has piqued your interest in making one yourself, but you’re not sure how, read on!

How to create a list of close friends on Instagram?

It is quite simple to create a close friends list on Instagram using your iOS or Android if you know the right steps. They are as follows:

📝Note: The process of create a list of close friends on Instagram can be done through Instagram app only on iPhone/iPad, Android and Instagram Lite app.

  1. Open the Instagram app and log into your Instagram account.
  2. Click on your profile icon at the bottom right. Click on your profile icon
  1. Now tap the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top right of the screen.  Click the Menu icon.
  1. After that, select the Close Friends option given at the bottom of the list.Click Close Friends.
  1. Then click Start to add users to your CF list. Click Get Started.1
  1. You can now search for users by typing their names in the search bar or by selecting them from the list of subscribers. Find and select accounts.
  1. When you’re done adding them, click Done and you’re ready to go. Click Done.

Your CF list has now been created and can also be edited. So don’t worry if you forgot to add someone to the list or added someone by mistake! To edit the list:

Solution Synopsis: Profile > Menu Icon > Close Friends > Edit > Add or Remove > Done

And now the required changes will be made. To take the process further, learn how to publish a CFS in the next section.

📝Note: When you edit the close friends list, deleted or added users are not notified of the changes.

Steps to Post a Close Friends Story

Once you’ve created your Close Friends Story, you’re ready to start sharing and posting on Instagram. While some users complain about not being able to share posts to stories on Instagram, that’s not the case here with CFS.

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With just a few simple steps, you can easily share any post on your CFS. For that, proceed as following :

  1. Open the Instagram app and simply click on Your Story at the top left.  Click on Your Story.
  1. After that, create a new story by taking a photo, reel or video or select the media you want to share from the gallery. Create a story.
  1. Once you’ve completed your selection, click the Close Friends icon in green and you’ll be good to go. Tap Close Friends2

Tada! You have now successfully published your CFS on Instagram. By following this process, you can continue to post more. If your CFS hasn’t been published, it’s possible that it’s Instagram Stories that isn’t working at the moment.

However, if you want to share someone else’s post or reel on your CFS, how do you do that? Let’s find out.

Share other posts and videos on your CFS

Besides your own media, you can also share other people’s posts and reels to your CFS. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch Instagram and tap the search icon in the bottom bar. Click the search icon.
  1. Now type and search for the account whose post you want to share on your CFS. Search for members.
  1. Once it appears, click on it and navigate to the post you want to share. Then tap the share icon below the post.Click the share icon.
  1. Finally, click Add to Story. Tap Add to Story.
  1. Now select Close Friends.Tap Close Friends2

That’s it! You can now really benefit from sharing your own posts and media as well as those of other users on your CFS.

To get the most out of the CFS feature, you can follow the tips given below.

Use CFS Effectively With These Tips

Using the sections given in the article, you will also be able to create a CFS list and post your CFS on Instagram. But wait, there’s more.

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Once you start the process, a few tips can help you and make the CFS feature more interesting.

  • Be particular and selective about who you include in your close friends list.
  • Keep the CF list short and only include your closest friends.
  • Be sure not to share too much personal or sensitive information in the CFS.
  • Don’t overuse CFS functionality. Doing so will make your stories seem irrelevant and monotonous.
  • You can keep your content relevant and personalized. The CFS feature will prove very useful for curating content that your friends will relate to.

And that’s it for the guide! Now that you’ve learned what CFS means on Instagram, grab your phone: smile, click and share on CFS!

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What does CFS mean in the text?

Answer: CFS meaning Instagram text means “Close Friends Story”, while in SMS, CFS is used to refer to something or someone as “cute, funny and sweet”.

What is CFS Snapchat?

Answer: In Snapchat, CFS stands for Click for Snapchat. It is a way used by Snapchat users to gain popularity and attract more followers.

What are CFS Additions?

Answer: CFS, or Close Friends Story, is an Instagram feature that allows selective users to participate in someone’s private stories. If they want to see their story, they must be on the Close Friends list.

What are the CFS social networks?

Answer: CFS stands for Close Friends Story on Instagram. This is a feature that allows users to keep their social media lives private and limited.


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