What Schedule Must Be Followed For Getting Selected in the SSB interview 2023?

What schedule should be followed to be selected in the SSB interview? The Services Selection Board interview is not something really easy to crack or impossible not to succeed. It takes a perfect balance of physical, mental and emotional strength to get ahead. Therefore, people often tend not to know how to prepare and cheer up for the SSB discussion. Basically, it requires effort to improve physical stamina, sharpen your innate qualities, adopt some qualities to meet OLQs, and strengthen your mental ability. The SSB discussion is made up of different types of tasks and tests.

Situation reaction task, word association test, progressive group task, final group task, command task, physical test, and lecture round. Deciphering all of this requires good practice and improved skills. Therefore, properly scheduling your interview with the Services Selection Committee in front of your boss is a very crucial moment. It is the time when you and your efforts state how many chances you secure in the discussion on SSB.

What schedule should be followed to be selected in the SSB interview?

However, before setting out the timeline that you need to follow to ensure yourself a good position in the SSB discussion, I think it is vital to tell you that HABIT plays a key role in the whole process. “We become what we repeatedly do.” So your success depends to some extent on the habits that are followed every day. Here’s a quick schedule so you understand how things should be done and performed before you go in for your interview with the Service Selection Committee.

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Get in the habit of getting up early in the morning. When you go to your SSB discussion, you have to get up early and no excuse would suffice for being late during that time. So, as introduced above, it becomes what we do repeatedly. Exercising every day is essential. It’s keeping fit, having a healthy mind and improving your physical stamina. The resistance is one of the 15 OLQs that are sought in the applicants during the SSB interview. Going for a run, doing yoga or going to the gym is to increase your physical resistance. Note that Mental Stamina is also part of Stamina on the OLQ list. Therefore, meditation or any other way to increase concentration should be practiced every day.

What schedule should be followed to be selected in the SSB interview?

SSB Interview Overview

SSB Day 1

SSB is one of the most difficult and longest interviews, or we can say that it analyzes you thoroughly. Well, SSB is not just a test but a procedure, a 5 day procedure where you go through different ways to test your personality.

Candidates who pass written exams such as CDS, NDA, TA, INET, and AFCAT are summoned by the respective military boards for an SSB interview. One can also appear for the SSB interview by getting shortlisted direct entries: TES, TGC, UES, SSC Tech, etc.

Then, the selected students must appear before a service selection panel for an intelligence and personality test.

The student selected in SSB must follow the schedule

Make a schedule in which you can spend time on whatever is important to you.

  1. Spend some time to keep yourself fit and in shape, as the body is the biggest asset to it. In the morning you can go for a walk and do yoga, in the evening you can play a sport, preferably a team one, and practice it. Sports are the most stress-busters, they would keep your mind at peace throughout the preparation and set a standard for teamwork.
  2. Spend some time on your hobbies or interests. They instill imagination in one. You would feel happy doing these things and a positive environment would be generated around you.
  3. Set aside some time to spend with family and friends. Interpersonal relationships are very important both in the Service Selection Tribunal and in your life. Play your role as a friend, son, brother, sister in the best possible way, talk to these people who matter a lot, learn more, take care of them, help them, stay with them. Going out on weekends with friends, being with your mother when she is cooking for you in the kitchen, watching the news with your father and talking to him about his work.
  4. Dedicate time to your academics, whatever you do or study dedicate time to it. Focus on it.
  5. Spend time researching current affairs. Study what is happening in your locality, district, state, country and the world. Know these things, they will give you an edge on the service selection board, you might as well brag about considering them in discussions you have with your friends and stuff.
  6. Dedicate some time, in particular, to the preparation of the service selection panel. Prepare how you would present yourself in the Service Selection Tribunal. Practice on psychological tests, speaking, creative writing and stuff.
  7. Dedicate some time for yourself, where you can dedicate yourself, analyze yourself, who you really are.
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